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LICUALA AURANTIACA (The Orange or Golden Licuala)


A striking handsome ornamental!

Stem 1-3 m. tall with a reddish colour. 10 till 12 cm. Diam.

Petiole 1-3 m. tall with a bright orange colour!

Leaves 10 per stem, Colourful orange leaf sheaths!

Grows in the South of Thailand near the border of Malaysia.

Can grow in the full sun and full shade. Can grow as any other palm in pots and for landscaping. Can grow them in the water also. THIS IS REALLY AMAZING!


A very fast growing Licuala! Very easy to grow. Excellent indoor palms!






licualaaurantiaca2 licualaaurantiaca trachycarpusprinceps2








The rarest of all Trachycarpus palms! Thick white wax under the leaves and bluish colour!! (see photograph)

Grows on lime-stone mountains in China near the border of Tibet.

This is probably the fastest grower under the Trachycarpus palms.


As some people are thinking that it is impossible to get seeds, we have proven that the seeds are the real Trachycarpus princeps. Many small WILD-COLLECTED palms have been sent all over the world and everybody agreed that this is the real and most famous Trachycarpus.


Because of confusion in the past about the wrong seeds of Trachycarpus princeps sold by other seed-dealers, people in Europe named our seeds:


Trachycarpus princeps “Golden Lotus”. 

Very cold-hardy!!! Small palms have been tested minus 18 degrees Celsius without damage!




Our prices are excluding shipping-cost.

If a phytosanitary certificate is required, the cost is us$ 12.--”

Orders lower than us$ 200.--, we have to charge you us$ 9.-- for extra bank charges (not inside Europe).

Payment is by check or telegraphic transfer ( swift).



For Europeans, we have a Euro bank-account in The Netherlands.





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